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We Fix Foggy Windows Without The Expense, Time, And Mess Of Complete Window Replacement!

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Why choose FOG BUSTERS?

We Don’t Replace The Entire Window—We Only Fix What's Wrong!—Saving You Up To 75% Over Replacement!

We bring professional and courteous residential thermal window repair to the western suburbs and towns near the Kansas City area, providing services exclusively in Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.

We replace only  your foggy window instead of replacing the entire window unnecessarily

Saves you considerable money over replacing the entire window unit 

None of the hassle and mess of complete window replacement

Foggy glass is replaced quickly, keeping noise and disturbances to a minimum 

Environmentally friendly 

Increases your thermal performance 

Most thermal window types are repairable

10-year transferable fog-free warranty

We Will Fix Your Foggy or broken Windows! 

There are two ways to repair foggy thermal windows—either replace the foggy glass or the entire window unit. Guess which one is typically not needed and only wastes your money? With Fog Busters glass replacement, you will save up to 75% of the cost of unnecessarily replacing the entire window unit. And you can forget about all the mess of window replacement and the time required to get it all put back together. No fuss; no mess—just results that give you a guaranteed clear view at an affordable price.

Why Sealed Thermal Windows Fail


Thermal windows (a.k.a. double pane) are normally exposed to high temperatures in the summer months and freezing cold conditions in the winter, which causes the air pressure to change inside the sealed glass dramatically. 

The high summer temperatures causes the air trapped between the two panes of glass to expand causing the center of the unit to swell like a balloon, as the temperature drops the air contracts and the unit goes into negative deflection causing the glass to contract in the middle.

This constant expansion and contraction is called solar pumping, and the stress this causes on the perimeter seal eventually causes the seal to fail. 

When the seal has failed moisture is drawn into the window when the temperature drops, and is expelled from the unit as the temperature rises, this daily transfer of air quickly saturates the desiccant crystals inside the spacer bars and moisture condensing on the glass is inevitable.

Solar pumping is the main cause of sealed thermal window failure and is prolific on south-facing homes where the units are exposed to highest temperatures.

Other causes of sealed unit failure are:

  • Poor framework alignment

  • Poor manufacturing

  • Damage in transportation or installation

  • Failed or blocked drainage system 

Solar pumping

10-YEAR WARRANTY: We warrant Fog Busters-repaired windows from forming condensation for 10 years! It guarantees a clear view without window fogging caused by failed  thermal seals only, or your window glass (IGU) will be replaced an no charge. All other window maladies, such as delamination, etching, staining, glazing, and cracking are not covered by this warranty. This is a transferable warranty. 


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