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ABOUT Kaw Valley Window Cleaning 

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Besides being a “clean bee,” which is what my wife nicknamed me, some people wonder what I nicknamed her? Yes, with dearest regard, I too have a nickname for her, and it sounds a bit more punishing—clutter bug!


Does that describe you? Sorry, I cannot do anything about that!


But if home maintenance such as window cleaning is not on your bucket list this year, or for whatever reason you have better things to do with your time, I can do something about that.

To make a long story short, I’ve worked in the high-tech career field for over 30 years. I’ve held both electronic manufacturing and product development positions during that time. My career has taken me to about 40 States, Canada, England, and Japan. I know you must be wondering why someone with an Electronic Engineering Technology degree and a minor in business is doing home maintenance services, right?

Even though I loved the work I did for many years, I needed to change my pace. I needed to re-focus on living locally, living healthier, and giving back to my local community, which is why I baked my Dare2Care community service initiative into my business plan.


I will always be a tech-oriented person, so it's in my DNA to use the best, newest, and most cutting-edge tools and techniques to help your home look its best.


Some of my more senior friends ask why I’m still working so hard these days. Simple: Like a bee, I cannot sit still, and I hope my window cleaning and related services brightens your day and puts a smile on your face. Mission accomplished.

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